At Gusto, we can quickly get our heads around most things. Consider this list of topics that we’ve written about: operating theatres, agriculture, the Internet of Things, the global trade flow of citrus fruit, gas turbines, cybersecurity, the foodservice market in the Netherlands, air pollution, tourism in Dubrovnik, digital transformation, metalworking, woodworking, and networking.
A varied bunch, we're sure you'll agree. But our specialist subjects probably lie in technology (IoT, cloud, and digital), engineering (power gen, industrial processes, and filtration), and the environment (air quality and energy efficiency). And we have spent many, many hours explaining these sometimes-complicated topics in an easy to understand way. So even the most lay of laypeople can grasp how these issues might impact them or their business.
We’re also well practiced in converting English copy written by non-native speakers—Denglisch, Franglais, Swenglish, etc—into content that’s actually fit to publish.
So, if you need an article investigating the impact of cybersecurity on the metalworking industry with source material written in broken English by a Swedish scientist, please send Gusto a message.
Or, if you have some other complicated subject that you’d like to simplify in the minds of your audience, get in touch too.
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